Tokyo – Day 2

So today was just an orientation day. Taking a walk around the district and seeing what I can find.

I don’t do touristy stuff. It doesn’t interest me and generally is just a way to rip folks off. It’s better to just find your own way.

No jet lag either, which is good. I mean anyone who knows me understands that i rarely sleep properly anyway, so my body is pretty good at adapting to weird sleep cycles.

Straight out in to the Shinjuku district and it gives you a great taste of Japanese City life. Thousands of people going about their daily lives. Neon signs galore and wall to wall traffic. But all of it seemingly going about it in a calm and collected manner. Japanese people seem pretty respectful to each other. Bowing and apologizing for getting in your way, or to say thank you for getting out of their way, not the usual snarling and growling you get on the average English pathway.

As busy as this district gets, it’s a shopping mecca, you can easily get off the beaten track. It seems that Japan has maintained it’s traditional style of alleys to duck down and find the real Japan. Dive little bars and niche shops. But most of all, a lil peace and quiet is never far away.

It didn’t take long to get comfortable here. Everyone seems super friendly and all the relevant signage is dual language, with English along side Japanese, so it is easy to get around. Everywhere is clean and well organized, a strange concept for most of the Western hemisphere.

So far every stereotype you know about Japan has born true. They milk the anime style when trying to sell you something. It’s difficult to tell the difference between your average street hawker trying to get you in to their restaurant and a street hooker. I guess the main differences are the menu and the bill 🙂

Sometimes you can do both. I found a noodle bar right next to a brothel, everyone gets the munchies after sex, right? They cater for everything. 

They even have a cafe where you mingle with cats… only in Japan!

Only been a day but really enjoying it so far.


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