Day 3 – My kind of shopping…

Okay so today I’m going shopping. Japan is pretty much the centre of the known nerd Universe for videogaming. Being a said nerd, I take a short walk (5 miles) in to the Akihabara district. 

This is basically a technoheaven. Retrogaming shops galore, so yeah I spend a pretty penny. Live anime folls.on every corner. I resist the urge to perv and photograph, mainly because it will probably land you in jail. Japan loves to use the short skirts and big eyes to it’s advantage but try not to get too excited over it, will find yourself getting a night in jail. I decide to spend my money on games instead, it proves a very fruitful trip.

Shopping done for the day I take the stroll back to Shinjuku. 

Although there is a McDonalds/Burger King or Subway on just about every street, I’m resisting the urge. Sure I’ve bought a few local delicacies that have ended up in.the bin’s quite easy to be well fed here. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and almost every shop counter has a service. Plenty of fried chicken and meat dumplings to choose from. Plenty for a me to get my teeth in to.

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