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Day 3 – My kind of shopping…

Okay so today I’m going shopping. Japan is pretty much the centre of the known nerd Universe for videogaming. Being a said nerd, I take a short walk (5 miles) in to the Akihabara district.  This is basically a technoheaven. … Continue reading

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Tokyo – Day 2

So today was just an orientation day. Taking a walk around the district and seeing what I can find. I don’t do touristy stuff. It doesn’t interest me and generally is just a way to rip folks off. It’s better … Continue reading

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Earthquake update: If the beds a rockin’… you might wanna run :)

Apparently there were two pretty big quakes in the area today. I felt the smaller of the two, a mere 5.4mag, as it was just off shore and closer. Anything above a 4.0mag will wake you up. 🙂 Was legit … Continue reading

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Moshi Moshi! Tokyo-a-go-go!

So this year is completely different. What started out as a random drunken discussion turned in to a whole new solo adventure. Tokyo… in Japan, just in case you didn’t know, is halfway around the World and a long way … Continue reading

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