Day 14 – Let’s go back to the start

Villaviciosa to Gijon: 18.91 miles

Joined up with last years start point today, this was the minimum that I wanted to achieve this year so I’m pretty chuffed considering the damn heat and then the damn rain.

19 miles done today and it was pretty painful. Went off-piste again and very glad I did. The original route was confusing and all inland. So thanks to Google maps I decided just to find my own way and it was much more satisfying, with more long shots of the Ocean until the beach finally loomed in Gijon.

That was supposed to be the port of call tonight but as soon as I saw the place I couldn’t wait to get out. It’s a huge City and I hate Cities, they are generally full of miserable people. So I decided to jump on a train to Cudillero, one of my favourite places from last year. The 2 hour train ride cost £3 and was 31 stops, the cost of 1 stop in the UK!

The train journey passed Asturias airport, the starting point of last year’s Camino. So the lines have officially been joined.

Got 2 days of rest here and then one finally little skip and hop of 10 miles back to the Airport on Sunday afternoon. Flight back is early Monday morning so I get quite a few hours of people watching.

Technically the Camino is over, I’m just backtracking on myself now.

It was another great experience. IF I do it again next year then I will look at a quieter route or perhaps do it at a different time of year. Or I’ll just find a similar path somewhere else in the World. Don’t think I’ll be sitting on a beach for 2 weeks, that’s for sure 🙂

I just added up the final numbers:-

229 miles walked/limped/crawled in 13 days.

464,829 steps

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