Day 13 – Netflix and chill

Villaviciosa rest day: 0.66 miles 🙂

My feet continued to give me trouble all through the night last night so I had pretty much decided before I even woke up this morning that I needed a rest day.

Last year these things, rest days, didn’t exist. I walked a good pace every day. But this year they seem to be all the rage, everyone I have spoken to seems to have a couple of days walking followed by a rest. Perhaps it is the weather this year, long hot spells followed by long wet spells, it has certainly slowed the pace down. Or perhaps it is just another way that the Camino has changed. I wasn’t going to succumb to the hype but my left leg wouldn’t even let me stand on it and the torrential rain outside, forecast for most of the day, convinced me to be lazy. I actually felt quite guilty for not pushing on, but as I keep saying I have time and perhaps I did need to suck up some of the culture rather than watch it flash past in a blur.

At first I hated the idea. I honestly couldn’t imagine not doing anything. But then you realise that even though you are hundreds of miles from home you can still have your entire CD collection (Spotify) almost your entire film/TV collection (Netflix) and your entire book collection (Kindle) at hand. So it didn’t take long to occupy myself.

I had breakfast included on the hotel bill so I sat talking to another couple of Yanks who turned out to be IBM programmers from the 70’s/80’s, great conversation for a geek like me. I stepped out of the hotel once, for some lunch and the roadway was flooded. You can’t quite see it properly in the photo but it was a bit wet to say the least. It would not have been a good day to walk, fit or not.

Here’s the rather lovely place that I stayed in, wonderful hosts.

Have a plan for tomorrow, 16 miles to Gijon. More rain forecast though 🙂

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