Day 11 – Angry skies.

Ribadesella to Colunga: 15.19 miles

​I hear you are all still baking in the UK? Well I have traditional English weather right here 🙂 

Wet weather gear required for the next few days. Thunder and lightning storms for most of today. Angry skies and angry seas!

Day 11 done. 15 miles on the clock. Close to hitting the 200 mile total.

I think I will walk until Friday to beat last year’s mileage of 220 miles. Then relax by the Sea for the weekend, probably to dry out before flying home.

Remember that house last year that I stayed in where I was all alone in a huge place? Same thing again tonight. The difference being that it is the centre of town but a really, really old building. The town itself looks like the O.K. Corral ( Google that if you are too young!)

The room is huge and the house is 4 floors with dozen of rooms, but it’s just me. Must be 100+ years old. Wonderful architecture,  sloping wooden floors, it looks and feels like the whole place could collapse at any minute. The door is about as secure as match wood and it should most definitely be haunted,  if you believe in that sort of thing. I’ll let you know tomorrow and take pictures.

EDIT: It’s now late, dark, and lightning. This place is like a flippin Hammer Horror film (Google that too if you must!)

EDIT EDIT: The bloody roof is leaking!!!

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