Day 10 – In grand company…

Llanes to Ribadesella: 23.47 miles

I’m not sure how much sense this is going to make because I just got back from a great meal out, joined by my new good friends Janet & Steve from So-Cal. A starter, main meal, icecream, whole bottle of local rose wine and a coffee for Β£11 including tip!! I frickin love this town πŸ™‚

It was a tough walk today but the company of good friends made it easier. 23 miles of more grey roads and a couple of good beaches  a hard slog in high temperatures, but we made it: “Just around the next corner will be the Ocean” was a wish we all had, from half way in. Those corners just dragged on and on but we finally made it.

Found a town called Poo! It wasn’t shit πŸ™‚

Ended up in a  nice town too. Great old Hotel that I am staying in. €48 including breakie.

The weather is turning again tomorrow, I have 4 days of rain to look forward to. But, I could stay here! I have time in my schedule and there are things to see. I’ll see what kind of weather I wake up to. 

I’m beginning to appreciate this year that it is more about the experience than the goal. The goal has changed. It’s not a goal of achieving a massive hike to the next town. It’s about enjoying some of it, don’t just survive it, and with other good like-minded people. People who I would never have met before have instantly become good friends. This is the beauty of randomness. The beauty of good karma.

Today I needed help to find a place to stay and there is always a local on hand who will stop and make sure you do not feel all alone is a strange town. A random guy stopped me, mid-20’s and walking a push chair containing his young child. He gave great advice, even called friends over, and made sure I knew where to go. So much good advice and I would not have survived without it.  Random strangers are the good in this World. I love it. Every day someone has helped me. It renews some faith that this World is not at all bad.

 Zen lecture over!  Here are some pics πŸ™‚

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