Day 8 – By air, land and sea…

Comillas to Unquera: 19.44 miles

Today had a bit of everything. Long romantic strolls on the beach to see the sunrise, a great view of the Pico’s mountain range, fresh clean air at 1,400ft, grande cafe con leche for breakfast on a different beach, and lots of sea views.

A long slog through the day though. 20 miles with the Sun showing its face again and the heat was back on. Everything is now starting to hurt but fortunately you can fight through it during the day. Stopping is the worst thing. Everything starts to seize up. Beer, as usual, is a great coolant and muscle lubricant.

This will probably be the last Camino I do, which is a shame. It’s quite clear this year that it has become popular. I see more perigrenos every day than I saw in the whole trip last year. It’s too popular now. I pass through towns that appear to have thrown away their traditions to become part of the commercial camino. Time to find a new adventure.

2km short of target today but found a nice place to stay and wanted to take advantage of it, and the heat was draining the life out of me with every step over 15 miles. 

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