Day 7 – Back to the Ocean

Santillana del Mar to Comillas: 17.97 miles

Day 7 done. Got a place right on the beach tonight, can hear the waves crashing on the beach outside 🙂 Expensive but worth it. I missed the coast yesterday so this makes up for it.

This side of the Camino is definitely more expensive than last year. Also a lot more people here, mostly Krauts and Yanks 🙂 There appears to be a lot of new companies set up to provide all inclusive Camino packages. Not only do I think this takes the fun and adventure away from the whole thing but it appears to have led to some commercialisation, and therefore a rise in prices 😦

Nice walking today. Dry and reasonably cool, about 23° mostly over cast so no new sunburn 🙂

Got lost a couple of times today but that’s no bad thing,  I found a local trail that gave me a better view of the coast.

Here’s a quick summary of the week so far:-

Distance travelled: 116 miles

Ascents/Descents: 11,000ft total

Calories burnt: 21,544

Beers consumed: 18

Coffee’s consumed: 43

Good folks met: 12

Weird folks met: 3

Views appreciated: Hundreds

Blisters: 10

Sunburn level: Sore 

Girls kissed: Classified

This is the town where I stayed yesterday:-

And here’s the town where I’m staying tonight:-

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