Day 6 – Planes, trains and walking boots…

Santander to Santillana del Mar: 15.39 miles

Being woken at 4am to the sound of torrential rain is not music to a hikers ears. You just know it’s going to be a rough day. So,the weather forecast was right. Although the temperature drop to 16° was quite a relief.

Thankfully walking in the UK does tend to harden you to this rainy prospect. Hitting the pavement at 8am; it’s just head down, grit teeth and push on. Then I slipped on the greasy pavement and literally hit it, nearly breaking a leg as they went in opposite directions, also jarring my back. Yeay! It was going to be one of those days 🙂

A little respite was having to jump on a train to get through a wonderfully named little town called “Boo”. The official route once required you to get a ferry from Boo to Mogro.  This ferry was stopped when train operators built a bridge. However, they neglected to add a pedestrian walkway to the bridge. So you have 2 options: The trains run every half an hour or so. If you are quick, and they are on schedule,  you are supposed to run the gauntlet along the railway track and hope you beat the train! Or, safer option 2 is just get a train to Mogro, effectively making this a toll bridge. It was €2 so no big deal. I was tempted to run the track, with a 12kg backpack on, it looked easy enough, but apparently the local police have started to arrest non-locals if they see you. That would probably mean an on the spot fine of their choice,  or an argument with a baton and getting friendly with a pair of rubber gloves. €2 seemed worth it.

Not only did the rain make the day difficult,  it was also a completely non- spectacular day. The route is inland and therefore not a beach to be seen. If this was a proper holiday I would be asking for a refund to cover today. 16 miles of boring grey roads. Ah well, ya can’t win em all. 

Got a few pics of central Santander and the place I stayed in was really quite lovely. It felt like how I imagined a Parisienne 19th Century brothel, complete with the more modern neon flashing tattoo and sex shop signs right outside the window. Along with some other old surviving buildings it was quite a nice City.

The place I am staying in tonight is basically Canterbury.  I’ll get some pics for tomorrow.

This was Santander, starting at my brothel 🙂

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2 Responses to Day 6 – Planes, trains and walking boots…

  1. Jeanie says:

    Hi Robb! been following your amazing journey, i can’t believe you had a fall yesterday, so did i!! ,lunchtime, blinking hurts doesn’t it? and what a show up, Hope you re ok, oh, get sunscreen lol.
    looking forward to more updates.
    Jeanie x

    • robbcrampton says:

      Hey Jeanie! Stop making me fall over, lol. Hope you are okay? It did flippin hurt and I looked a right tit 🙂
      A broken leg or wrist would only slow me down a bit. Take care xx

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