Day 4 –  A point of no return

Laredo to Guemes: 18.44 miles

For most travellers on the Camino, Day 4 is a really important day. It is often the day where a lot of people give up. They have tried, but realise they have possibly bitten off more than they can chew, and they turn back. No shame in trying and better live to try another day.

But generally by day 4 the anxiety has warn off, you’ve got your senses and wits up to speed and your fitness has reached a point where it knows your limit of survival. If you go on, it all just gets better.

So, I’m still here then 🙂

Blisters are becoming annoying but the sunburn is probably the most painful issue.  It is right here, now, that I admit in public to being a bit of a dick: The one thing  I did not pack is any form of suncream! Although, strangely enough, I packed some aftersun. So I’m not entirely stupid 🙂

Middle of day 4 and this was the start of my road today. ​

Then offroad through the farms.

My distinct memory of Camino 2015, on the other side of the Norte, was that the whole place basically stinks of cow shit, it’s 1000 sq miles of cattle farming.

This side of the Norte is much sweeter. It’s mostly fruit farms. Every field has fermenting apples, pears or peaches. This is heaven, 500 sq miles of cider country. Makes me bloody thirsty though. My warm flat fanta isn’t that nice by comparison.
Day 4 done and another 18 miles on the clock. Short walk tomorrow, about 13 miles and then a nice ferry ride across to Santander.  

I wonder if I can get a better rate on my mortgage while I’m there 🙂

Still on schedule  

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2 Responses to Day 4 –  A point of no return

  1. Karen says:

    What you like 🙂 what happened to your check list!! Hope you get some sun cream sharpish so it doesn’t cause you much more pain, good luck xx

  2. Lynn says:

    What!!!! No sun cream are you mad get some as soon as 🙂 AND drink plenty of water not bloody Fanta. Rant over 🙂
    What a view Robb so beautiful looks like paradise envy you that but not the journey, take care
    Lynn xx

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