Day 2 – Every step is a photograph

Pobena to Castro-Urdiales: 10.25 miles

Sounds like the name of a Coldplay song, but it is the perfect comment for today’s walk.

​The reason I chose this route is that, for most part, it hugs the coastline. The views today were amazing and if the next 200 miles are anywhere near this good then I will die happy.
If it is possible to pick a downside to this beautiful natural landscape, it is that I need to stop every 2 minutes… because every step is a photograph 🙂

Sadly I cannot share much of the view with you due to the death of my SD card, but hopefully there is more to come.

Only 10 miles today and it feels like a cheat, but it is supposed to help because tomorrow’s walk will be twice that at least.

Besides, I’ve decided already to take it nice and easy on this walk. The heat is a killer, literally. So I might not do the whole route, but its not about the mileage, its irrelevant, it’s all about surviving the grand experience.

No French lesbians for me tonight (bet you never thought you would ever hear me say that!) I’ve decided a nice cheap hotel with a good shower and soft bed is the way forward. £20 for the night and only my snoring and farting to suffer.

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2 Responses to Day 2 – Every step is a photograph

  1. Lynn says:

    Morning Robb
    Hope you are ok, we miss you already. Loving reading your news you are so good when you write think you should take up writing books 🙂
    Take care
    Love Lynn

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