Camino 2016… on The Way again :)

Okay, so… I’ve decided I need to do the Camino again this year. They say it becomes a bug. Well, I think I’ve caught it  🙂

For those that didn’t know, let me give you a reason… as if I really needed one, or perhaps just a little background to why I’m here again.

My Camino in 2015 was, without doubt, the greatest thing I have done in life. The challenges before were well documented at the start of this blog. The challenges after… may be new to some of you.

During my Camino in 2015 I had a bit of bad news that my cat, Floyd, had died. Okay it’s just a cat some say, but I am an animal lover and it was my 1st real pet, albeit at home with my Parents. He was a wonderful, beautiful, amazing creature and I miss him dearly.

But that’s not the bad part, and this now pales in comparison to any other pain I have had in life. During that same phone call to home which gave me a bit of bad news, my Mum mentioned that my Dad had a hospital appointment in a few days, due to some back pain he had been suffering with for a while. Although previous tests had discounted any form of Cancer, the Doctors wanted a second opinion. I didn’t give it much more thought and plodded on through Spain, to the end of my Camino.

2 days after returning, my dad was rushed in to hospital. Nothing super serious, he had a small blood clot in his leg that caused him to collapse in pain. This was the 21st September, I think.

Unfortunately he never left the hospital. Just over 5 weeks later, on the 29th October 2015 at 9.30am, he passed away. Just like that. It wasn’t the blood clot, it was Cancer. A rare form of Urethra Cancer, which was immediately diagnosed as untreatable. We did get 4 weeks of little hope which eventually ended in us telling him how much we loved him and saying our goodbyes. We buried him on the 17th November. Life since then, as you can imagine, has been difficult for all of the surviving Family.

My 2015 Camino changed me, so much for the better, but it was all very much overshadowed by the subsequent events.

So here I am to do it again. To feel the same amazing sense of achievement and to feel that change in me once more.

The flights are booked…

The route is rough… but planned

270 miles in 15/16 days… compared to last years 220 miles in 13 days, this is pushing to the limit.

Strangely enough I feel more apprehensive this time, a little anxious, almost scared. This is because I know what is coming. I know the difficulties with the language, the difficulties with getting lost, the difficulties of finding a place to stay, the difficulties of talking to random people for more than 30 seconds. Knowing what is coming is so much more difficult than not knowing. I would prefer to be as naive as I was in 2015.

The route is all coastal. Starting way before my last trip and ending slightly in to it. I don’t need to see Santiago de Compostela again, it didn’t really impress me the 1st time. Yes the architecture was amazing but the crowds, the begging, the rain… oh my Gods the rain! Plus at least this way I can say I have done more of the complete route.

Here we go…

Bilbao to Ribadeo Camino2016

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