Camino 2015 – Day 12 be done – The end is nigh..

So this is it, the eve of arrival.
12.5 miles done today and it was a massive culture shock. Because 3 camino routes join in Arzua, there are literally hundreds of new faces on the way. To be honest, I dont like it. The solitude of my route was perfect.  The hustle of this final stage is just… “noisy”.
But it’s only for a short while.
It tried to rain again, and solid rain forecast for the next 2 days. But it wasnt as bad as yesterday. Got a little bit moist and not in a good way. Speaking of which, I am about 15 miles from SdeC and the begging has begun. There are people on the way asking for money, pleading poverty,  and from what I could gather one particular woman offered to find me a bed for the night and keep me warm if necessary.  But she wasnt much of a looker 🙂
Such is the way of these things. Every focal town/city has its dark side.
1 more sleep,  1 more bunch of steps to go 🙂 x


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1 Response to Camino 2015 – Day 12 be done – The end is nigh..

  1. Lesley says:

    Hi Robb, been enjoying reading your comments every day. Glad you are nearly there, hope the last bit isn’t too difficult or wet, then time to rest. Have saved you some shortbread/fudge/toffees from Cornwall. Thought I had better grab some quick for you or it will all be gone by Friday!
    Take care
    Lesley x

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