Day 11 done! Almost home but not very dry…

Another 15 miles on the clock.
Well the Galacia weather gave me a wonderful greeting this morning: Torrential and horizontal rain the minute I set foot on the way.
2 solid hours of pissing hard rain and howling wind, absolutely enough to soak me to the bone. It was a proper “grit teeth and fight on” moment.
The merrell boots did a brilliant job, my feet stayed bone dry despite wearing shorts. Even my eccentric socks seemed oblivious to the downpour, probably the smell is capable of repelling gravity!
My waterproof McLaren jacket tho… not very waterproof and was beyond rubbish (seems that team cant do anything right!)

So after 2 hours the tap gets turned off and the hairdryer comes on… a nice warming breeze with a bit of Sun. Within an hour I am dry again amd you wouldn’t think anything had happened.Β  Onwards and downwards towards today’s destination of Arzua.
However, 3 clicks from town and the weather Gods have the last laugh, another downpour just to make sure you do not reach your bed nice and dry
Arzua is where 3 routes of the Camino combine and things suddenly get busy.
But I arrived early and have found a place to stay.

I could yomp the last 26 miles tomorrow in one day and arrive at Santiago,Β  but it would be shattering and late. My feet are also a bit of a mess. All the little tricks and tips that people tell you, before and during the trip, they work for a while but after 11 solid days of punishment then the pain is real. But it is survivable, still got all my toes πŸ™‚
I’m going to split the day as I have enough time. So I will stop half way and then roll in to Santiago on Tuesday the 15th, a day ahead of schedule.
The good bit about rain is that it stops you getting a face full of these critters πŸ™‚




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2 Responses to Day 11 done! Almost home but not very dry…

  1. Keep the feet dry, that’s pretty much the best you can do. You will get issues with that amount of walking no matter the boots or the care but if they stay dry then you win half the battle in one go.

    You are nearly there mate. You done damn good, very proud of you! Enjoy the last couple of days, cherish the peace and get your head fully clear then look forward to that hot soak πŸ™‚

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