Day 9 – let’s do the time warp again…

Pushed on a bit further today and now have some more breathing space in the schedule.
23 miles covered in just over 7 hours.
A few climbs but mostly flat through woodland.
Haven’t really been taking many pictures because it’s all pretty much the same scenary on this stage: Fields, cows and treas.
However you do stumble through some lovely old villages who honestly have yet to meet the 21st century,Β  and I’m sure they are better off for it.
Lots of medieval bridges and chapels, 6-700 years old. Whilst I don’t claim to care/understand/appreciate what the church is all about,Β  I do like a bit of ancient architecture.Β 



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5 Responses to Day 9 – let’s do the time warp again…

  1. Colin & Jean says:

    Hi Robb
    Jean and I have been following your progress with great interest and have been expectingly awaiting your daily blog entry.
    You have kept us amused with your lighthearted comments and you have impressed us with your gutsy determination and we are sometimes green with envy at some of the magnificent views you post.
    Let me know when your back and I will gladly fulfill your desire for cake.
    Well done so far mate and with lots of admiration
    Colin & Jean
    P.S. Last weekends F1 was boringly predictable apart from Rosbergs engine fire πŸ™‚

    • robbcrampton says:

      Hey guys, lovely to hear from you.
      Thanks for the comments, much appreciated.
      It’s nice to know someone is actually reading my ramblings.
      I should be back at work on Friday the 18th and would love a slice of celebratory cake.
      Hope you are both well!
      Thanks again for tuning in πŸ™‚

  2. Colin & Jean says:

    Hi Robb
    Jean and I have been following your blog with great interest and are amused by your light hearted comments.
    We are sometimes green with envy when we see the photo’s you post and sometimes feel your pain when you mention blisters on your feet and your lack of cake fodder.
    We both wait expectingly each morning to see your next instalment and we hope that you find what you are looking for within yourself on your voyage of discovery.
    All the very best mate and I’ll be the first to buy you a cake on your return to blighty (work)
    With lots of admiration for you
    Colin & Jean
    PS, Last weeks F1 was predictable as ever except for Rosbergs engine catching fire with a few laps to go πŸ™‚

  3. Colin & Jean says:

    hell, the first comment didn’t seem to load and I had forgotten wtf I had typed (Friday night alcohol abuse and all that)
    Cake on standby for the 18th it is then πŸ™‚

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