Day 5 – follow the yellow brick arrows

The one thing I didnt plan for on this trip is getting lost. Whatever itinerary you have, say you plan on walking 15 miles per day, you can at least add 3 or 4 miles to it. More if you are really unlucky.
Don’t get me wrong, for most point the little yellow arrows are everywhere.  However,  I tend to walk with my head down most of the time, lost in my own thoughts,  but then suddenly you look up and think “Shit, where was the last way mark…?”
So you walk on a bit further and if you see nothing for 100 metres then you start to panic! Do you continue? Do you backtrack? Most of the time I’ve had to backtrack, adding mileage to my old bones.
You soon learn to look up more, but even then you get distracted by the beautiful scenery. Plus the little yellow arrow, or lovely ceramic shells, could be anywhere. Some are halfway up a telegraph pole and easy to miss.
The locals have helped so much. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been shouted at “Hey! Peringrino! Izkierda no derecha” – meaning “Oi stupid English pilgrim, go left not right!!”  🙂

So Day 5 done, in record time.
17.5 miles in around 5 hours.
What a truly fantastic day. Another hot one but such a beautiful breeze coming off the sea.
The walk was amazing.  I didn’t want to leave those wonderful beaches but alas I only stayed for a 5 minute break.
I’ve now crossed the Asturias border in to Galicia over the river Ribadeo,  and Ribadeo is the port town I am staying in tonight (bottom picture)
Sadly this is the last I will see of the coastline. Tomorrow I turn inland for the real hard graft of ascents and descents as I pass through the mountain ranges on the downward heading for SdeC.
I’m just glad I’ve got this far and seen the beauty that I have seen.





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