Day 5 – Evening update: it’s oh so quiet… shhhhh… shhhh

Okay, so this evenings update on my place of residence.
On my way in to town I got stopped by a lovely Brazillian lady called Mercedes.  She promised to help me find somewhere to sleep, she runs a ‘Peregrino hostel’ agency.
She rang a few places for me, no joy. Then finally found somewhere.
She then beckoned me to her car and drove me out on the edge of town. I started to get a bit worried at this point.
Was I being a naive Brit again and too trusting?!?
Anyway we got to this lovely little cottage with 8 rooms and all the (18th century) mod cons. But for £16 a night I’m not complaining.
There’s a flipping Lidl right opposite so for the first time in 6 days I’m eating like a King 🙂
I also seem to be the only one here, and it’s a bit spooky. There’s only a rusty old bolt on the door to keep me safe from hoards of flesh eating zombies.

But a bit more worrying is that I gave Mercedes a €5 tip for her troubles and she seemed ‘extremely grateful’. I’m now wondering what €5 would get me in Brazil? I imagine quite a lot!!!
If you could see the way I’ve set up this room, with chairs and boots in front of each door and window, you would laugh!

I swear if someone else turns up while I’m asleep and then I get up for my usual mid night toilet trip, if they open a door I will kill them with my socks!

Paranoid much? Me? Naaaah… 🙂

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1 Response to Day 5 – Evening update: it’s oh so quiet… shhhhh… shhhh

  1. Haha, man you need to be more trusting, this isn’t America or Burma you are travelling through 🙂

    Sounds like its hard and fun and most of all cathartic. So glad you are enjoying it mate.

    Keep the blogs coming!

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