Day 4 – Albergues are maybe not for me!

So I survived a night of torrential snoring from the guy in the bed next to me. He also had a habit of staring at me like he was going to cut my throat whilst  I slept. Plus, he struggled to even walk to the toilet so I’m not quite sure how he is walking 200 miles to SdeC. Do they let the local homeless drunks in to Albergues? 

Anyway , day 4 is done.
Pushed beyond my original target today. Didn’t like the look of the place so went another 10 miles to the next town, looks much nicer.
So, 23 miles covered today. Legs are fine. Shoulders are suffering a little. 9.3kg weighs a lot more after a few miles.
It was also the hottest day today, around 28Ā°, so that was actually quite nice because of the breeze off the coast.
I might also be slightly losing my mind: I seem to have compartmentalised my body and each part has started talking to me. Such as:-
“Hello Brain, calves calling: Just reporting a bit of cramp”
“Hello Brain, knees calling: starting to struggle after 5 miles, any chance of a break?”
“Hello Brain, blisters calling: Not popped yet – mwahahahahah”
This actually happened šŸ™‚

It’s nice to get ahead of schedule,  might need a longer recovery time as the days go by. Nice comfy hotel tonight, no snoring murderers! šŸ™‚  #BuenCamino


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2 Responses to Day 4 – Albergues are maybe not for me!

  1. Lynn says:

    Hiya Robb
    Can relate to the snoring having shared a room with friend Pat who is the worst ever, Karen supplied me with earplugs for future trips….you must get some soon.
    Love the picture, that really does look like Cornwall..beautiful. Glad you are enjoying it keep smiling and eating cake!! What are you like the lengths you go to, just for cake šŸ™‚ xx

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